Van C. Athanasakos

Management Consulting and Training Services





Strategic Plans, Business Plans and Action Programs:

  • Strategic plans, business plans, and growth/expansion plans.
  • Functional area direction and goals.
  • Transformation of business strategies and plans into specific and timely action programs.
  • Facilitator: meetings, strategy development, problem resolution, counseling, and succession planning.



Organization Infrastructure Development and Improvement:

  • Review, evaluation, and improvement of organization structure, staffing patterns, skills, assignments, logistics, and job descriptions.
  • Alignment of organization structure and staffing patterns with business plans and strategies.
  • Audits of management, operations, projects, and systems.
  • Improvement of executive and management effectiveness.
  • Executive and management coaching, counseling, mentoring.
  • Leadership-Management-Supervisory training and organization development.
  • General management problem solving.
  • New business organization and operations start-up.
  • Organization and management of joint ventures and major projects.
  • Merger - Acquisition integration.



Change Management and Performance Improvement:

  • Development and implementation of change process action programs.
  • Leadership of change process action programs and organizational buy-in.
  • Rapid growth/expansion management and control programs.
  • Turnaround and improvement action programs for problem: organization, operations, projects, product/service quality, systems and controls.
  • Revitalizing and transforming organizations into quick-response units.
  • Performance improvement - seminars, training, counseling, and mentoring programs.
  • Improvement of teamwork and intra and inter group effectiveness.
  • Resolution of organization conflict and communications problems.
  • Profit improvement, cost control, and cost reduction programs.



Project Management, Business Process Improvement and Reengineering:

  • Project Management: project leadership, team organization, staffing patterns, staff  assignments, scheduling, budgeting, monitoring-tracking, reporting, control, and training programs.
  • Business process improvement.
  • Re-engineering.



Management Systems and Controls:

  • Review of management systems and controls.
  • Improvement of management systems and controls.